Who’s in Control?

Today I have a treat for you in the form of comedian and writer Jeff Kreisler.  I found this little gem while I was reading his blog, and I think you’ll really enjoy it.  The whole video is brilliant satire, but what I think is the greatest thing we need to remember about parenting begins around 1:06.

See folks?   It’s all about who is in control!!!   And our kids know this.    Luckily, I’m a hideous beast of a parent and I learned the art of no-gotiating along time ago.

As Jeff says in his video and blog, you have to learn how to GET TO NO!  And I mean, YOU get to no.  Not the kid because when your child gets to no, let the games begin because that’s when the battle for control begins, and you better win!  Believe me, it’s better to just cut them off after they start with, “Can I?”   Just say no.  You don’t have to hear the rest of it!   Just stand your hideous ground and don’t even listen if you don’t feel like it.  You want to say No regardless, so just do it!

**This video was posted with permission by Jeff Kreisler.    Please check out Jeff’s blog here, as well as another site he works on called The Final Edition.


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