Quiz TIme!

Desert  by Moyan  Brenn https://www.flickr.com/photos/aigle_dore/

The bedtime routine at my house used to be awful!   It was full of tantrums and screaming because when she was three my daughter became a complete monster at bedtime.  I had to go complete and total Super Nanny on her.   Times have changed though because Super Nanny is awesome.  She’s a hideous beast when it comes to consistency at bedtime.  Now, my little one reads in her bed.  I give her and her lovies a goodnight kiss, I put the dogs strategically in her room so she knows zombies won’t get her, and then I promise to check on her in 9 minutes.

This is where I become completely horrible.   Tonight, I didn’t check on her in 9 minutes because I was checking out a quiz on the Internet!   You read that right.   And according to The Internet, I am Luke Skywalker.   I have to admit, using Star Wars to motivate you to take the Briggs-Myers Personality Test is brilliant!

Here are my results:

Defining Attributes: Creative, Private, Introspective, Highly Idealistic

Driven by your values, as an INFP you are interested in helping people and serving humanity as a whole. An easy going individual, you are unusually adaptable and laid-back unless a strongly-held value of yours is threatened. “Idealists” are characterized by their ability to be present with another individual on a deep level, and are usually Imaginative and often talented in language and writing.

So, was Luke an idealist?  Yes.  He was.   So am I.  It’s why I left teaching.

Can he be present with someone on a deep level?   Absolutely.  He could communicate with Leia telepathically and could hear Ben’s messages from the dead.  However, I’m unsure if this connecting on a deep level is due to his personality or just his Jedi training.  He wasn’t exactly present with Uncle Owen on a deep level.   I can be present on a deep level also.  It’s true, but not so much if you’re a Sith Lord.  I’m not down with the dark side!

Was Luke imaginative?   Hmmm…..I’m not sure if dreaming about space is imaginative or just being bored because you’re stuck on a desert planet.  I never did see him draw or write.   He was good with languages though.  Wait….no.  He wasn’t.   He almost got his ass kicked in a bar because he couldn’t understand what someone was telling him.  It was C-3PO who was good at languages.

Was Luke private?   I know I am, but I’m not sure about Luke.  What do you guys think?   Was Luke Skywalker “private?”

And if you want to take the quiz.  You can do so here and find out if you are Luke Skywalker or Senator Palpatine!

(The beautiful photograph isn’t of Tatooine.   It was taken by Moyan Brenn. )